We’ve fallen and we WILL get back up!

We have fallen off of the healthy train.  You might be thinking that we haven’t been on that train long enough to fall off already but it happened and we’re being honest.  How did this happen?  

Rachel:  Two weeks ago I was home sick for almost a week with what the doctor called “residual tonsilitis.”  I laid in bed for 5 days eating nothing but popsicles & ice cream and eventually worked my way up to applesauce and saltines.  I didn’t exercise for a week and took it slow the following week.  Then, my best friend came back home last weekend and I decided to allow myself to take it easy as far as diet and exercise were concerned.  Unfortunately, I am now so out of my healthy habits that I’m really struggling to get to the gym and to eat healthy.  I want to keep eating chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for breakfast and to eat 950 calories worth of ice cream every night (yes, I ate that last weekend AFTER eating a cheeseburger, tater tots, and corn for dinner – wops!).  

Ashley:   I started playing indoor soccer on Monday evenings and let me tell you I got my butt handed to me.  I felt like a truck hit me afterward. I wasn’t expecting the games to be so intense.  I thought it would just be messing around & having fun. Boy was I wrong!  I pulled my left quad muscle and I didn’t want to hurt myself more, so I thought it would be best to take the week off.  Bad idea!  During that time, I had a friend visit from college and we acted like we were still in college.  While she was here I proceeded to drink heavily and eat heavily.  Once she left I still could not get motivated.  I kept saying tomorrow will be better…I’m going to go back to the gym Wednesday…but I never went and to make matters worse, I was eating like I would never see food again. I will be honest, I’m still struggling to get back on the wagon, but I started at a new gym today which includes a nutrition program.  I will tell you more later, but I am really working hard at getting back at this!


So, what now?  We’ve decided to stop making excuses for ourselves and to get back to how we felt when we started this blog: motivated, happy, healthy, proud, & strong.  We’ve come up with a few ideas to help us get back on the healthy train:

  • Check in with each other every Sunday.  Sunday is our prep day for the week.  We both cook meals in bulk and get our personal things ready for the week ahead.  Bulk cooking and planning is important when it comes to eating healthy.  We’ve decided that on Sundays we’re going to sit down for a few minutes with each other and “check in.”  We’ll talk about how our weeks went, what our workouts included, any struggles we’re having, along with recipes we’re planning to make that day and goals for the following week.
  • Weigh in every Sunday.  We may have different goals but we agree that recording our weight every week will help to keep us on track.
  • Record workouts for the week in a planner.  I used to do this and found that it kept me focused.  I never had to question what I was doing for a workout.  I looked at my planner each morning and all day I knew that after work I would be heading to the gym, hopping on the elliptical for 20 minutes, and then doing strength training for my legs.  If it’s in the planner, it’s happening, no ifs, ands, or buts.  
  • Keep a food journal.  We have both been tracking what we eat in our own food journals, but we haven’t been completely honest with ourselves when writing down what we eat.  We either forget to use our journals and then forget what and when we ate or we don’t record what we’ve eaten because it is so bad.
  • Be committed to our blog.  You may have noticed we’ve gone missing over the past couple of weeks.  Unfortunately, along with losing motivation to continue our healthy lifestyle, we lost the motivation to blog.  Fret no longer!  We’re back on track and plan to each write at least one blog a week.



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