Naked Time Challenge

Warm weather is rapidly approaching and with the warmer weather comes the removal of those winter layers. Time to bring out the shorts, dresses and that nasty 6 letter word: BIKINI. Recently, Rachel was sharing with me a funny excerpt from one of her favorite blogs:, who asked if a person constantly enjoys being naked, is that a problem? I started to think about being naked more and more. Coming from a single woman looking for love, my thoughts are this: If I can’t stand being naked or seeing myself naked then I am pretty sure my future husband might not want to see it either. I know, find the right person and they will find all my flaws beautiful and I can be who I want to be… Who I want to be? A woman who is hot, sexy, confident, and can drive a man insane, to the point of salivating with anticipation of touching such a fine ass. With that goal in mind, I am going to start a new challenge to start “naked time.” Get comfortable in your own skin.  It’s your body and it will be along for the ride as long as you are. While getting ready in the mornings and putting on make-up, why not be naked? Fixing your hair? Do it naked. Another benefit to the “naked time” challenge is seeing the results.  If you are trying to lose weight or tone up; I offer you a front row seat to your own body transformation.

Maybe being naked is too much or your roommates might be a little freaked out, then I say break that bikini out early. Start strutting your stuff and if that bikini body is not ready for a beach debut, change it and work harder! We can do it!! 🙂


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