WELCOME! I have been working off and on for two years trying to find a fitness/nutrition program that will work for me.  Every 6 months I seem to start a new program because I have fallen off the wagon. When I say I have tried many different ways to lose weight I am not exaggerating.  Read for yourself…
Starting with a nutritionist who helped tremendously, I was able to lose 30 pounds and learn so much.  I wrote down everything I ate in a food journal, counted calories (tedious, but worth it!) and worked out at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes. However, once I stopped seeing the nutritionist weekly I went back to my old ways and started to struggle again, gaining back 10 pounds.
Then, with the help of my best friend, Jessica, I started running and signed up for my first 5K. She joined a running club and I ran on my own, but we would still run together and take fitness classes at a local gym.
Towards the end of the year I had an opportunity to go to the Grand Cayman Islands with three close friends and I wanted to be more comfortable in a swimsuit. So, I took my fitness to the next level.  At that point I had never used a personal trainer/I could never afford one. I was beyond lucky and found an outstanding trainer who was affordable and knew his stuff.  I have never been pushed so hard!  Andy, the trainer, was everything I could have asked for – I loved and hated him all at the same time.  He monitored my eating with a food journal, checked in once in a while by phone, which helped on the nights when I was tired and wanted to eat a huge freaking piece of cake/bread/cookie/ANYTHING BAD.  With Andy I was able to lose an additional 30 pounds and I was in the best shape of my life. I was able to run 4 miles in 40 minutes (great to my standards) and I felt more confident during that time period then I have since… I don’t know…ever!?
Well that brings me to now.  Andy moved away and I was left to my own devices and surprise, surprise…I gained back the weight I had lost with Andy and I am no longer in the best shape of my life. On February 1, 2012 I started with a trainer again and he helped kick start my current goal/mission. In the past I have always used someone to force me to be accountable and I think it’s time for me to be responsible for myself.  Soon after I started seeing my trainer, Rachel moved into the apartment I was living in as a third roommate. We both have the same struggles and together we are going to hold each other accountable and be successful!
I am a 25 year old woman working a 9-5, what a way to make a livin’… (Dolly Parton just started playing in my mind).  I’m just trying to get to the next stage of life.  I enjoy going to the movies, reading my kindle (I am obsessed!  If you do not have a kindle, get one ASAP) and getting together with friends. I’m a really picky eater and I do not enjoy most veggies, but I’m constantly looking for a way to improve that (believe it or not, veggies can be good). I crave pasta every day and I would kill for a large chocolate chip cookie, but I am working toward a goal and I will use this blog to aide in my success.


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