I’m your typical 25 year old girl. I recently moved into an apartment with two friends, Ashley & Kendra, and with my new bachelorette pad came a much-needed adjustment from carefree 20-something to blossoming into a “real adult”. Translation: living on a budget, discovering my direction in life, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and learning how to manage it all by finding just the right balance in this crazy life. Some of my favorite things include watching and playing sports, dancing, running, hiking, reading, music, laughing, and being around family and friends.  I currently work at a middle school with children in special education.

Over the past year I’ve been educating myself on nutrition and exercise through following athletes, fitness models, and regular girls like myself on Facebook and blogs.  I’ve learned quite a bit and have put my knowledge to use in the past, dolling out advice to anyone who would listen. Before long, my friends knew they could count on me for the best food & exercise advice. The truth is, I tend to go on a roller coaster ride when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.  I go from one extreme to the next- eating very clean and working out consistently for months at a time, and then a lazy, rainy day or cupcake left on my desk sends me spiraling off track resulting in weeks of not working out at all and eating however I please (I’m a recovering sugar addict :)).

So this time around, while attempting to find balance in my life through fitness and food, I’m going to blog about my favorite workouts, recipes, motivators, the ups, the downs, and everything in-between.  My hope is that through tracking my journey here, not only will I be able to reflect upon the days leading up to my success, but that I might be a source of inspiration and motivation to others, and in turn be motivated by all of you. Start today. Be healthy. Be happy.


One thought on “Rachel

  1. This blog is great!! I love the recipes and the 411 on the workouts. The best part is that you encourage people to start small, day by day. I am inspired, and I think much more about what and how I eat–thank you!! Keep working hard–you are doing what the rest of us all want to do!!

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