Boom Boom Boom…

While following Amanda Adams on her facebook page ( who is amazing by the way and also has many helpful tips on fitness and nutrition!

Anyways, she suggested FIT Radio App for workouts. This week I downloaded the application on my smart phone and listened to it while running. I have to say this about me and running… While running I have to be in the zone, I don’t want to be bothered or looked at… I don’t look cute, I sweat a lot and I am pushing myself to run harder and longer every time, so most likely I am probably in some sort of pain whether physical or mental.

I started with the Top 40 play list and it was good, but I started to get tired of it once Adele came on (only because it was a remix version… and really why ruin a terrific song like that). Next I tried Hip Hop and again I was not really “feelin it” so then I went to Party Hits and I found a winner! I was running, jamming to the songs and I actually had to stop myself a couple of times from dropping it like it’s hot (aka dancing) and finish the run out. Long story short, get this App, it gives you a variety to choose from, including screaming rock (which, I like to dabble in at times) and some other genre’s I have never heard of.