Our Journey

We’re two real girls adjusting to the in-between stages of life after college but before the white picket fence, minivan, & husband.  In the past, we’ve both struggled with various aspects of fitness and nutrition.  In our effort to commit to a healthy lifestyle, we’ve decided to share our progress and struggles in order to keep our eyes on the prize.  You might be wondering…what is the prize?  To live a life where fitness and nutrition is no longer a struggle but a part of our daily lives.  Plus, what girl doesn’t want to feel confident in her itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, yellow, polka-dot bikini?

Our blog is an honest account of our adventures in fitness & nutrition.  Yes, we said adventures.  See our individual pages to understand why “adventure” captures us perfectly.  We hope you’re inspired by what we share and we know we’ll be inspired by all of you.